Oops Naked! I Did It Again

oops nakedI’m comfortable with my body and even walk around butt naked in my bachelor’s pad. I even hear my neighbors giggling every time I go out wearing just my white briefs just to get the papers and mails.

My nosy neighbors also count all the girls I take home at my pad because some of them see our butt nudes banging at each other on my balcony. They would tell me they had a great live show last night. I forgot I was out there having sex with a chick. Oops naked again and that happens to me every time I get horny. I don’t care where I was and immediately take off my clothes and bang a girl.

My life was disrupted when my mom asked me a favor by letting her friend’s daughter to stay at my place until she finds her own pad. She moved to NY for a new job, but still got no place to stay. It really sucks because I have to fix up my place and no more butt nudes for me and my chicks.

oops nakedWhen she got there, I told her to take my guest room and I also told her the house rules. I went to a party that night and was about to take home a girl, but I remembered I have a guest at my place so I just banged the girl in my car. When I woke up the next day, I still had a hangover and forgot I was butt naked. I walked in the kitchen to get coffee and she was staring at my hard cock. I asked her what she was looking at and then she pointed at my cock. LOL. Oops naked! I did it again and I ran to the room and I can hear her laughing at me. I was glad that she was cool with that and she said she also gets naked in her place before. I asked her if she wanted to get naked with me and she said: “Dream on”. Fuck, I hope I can get a score on her someday.

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